The beautiful Intelligent Design Titanium Mouse, for those with long pockets!

Editors Note – This stunning mouse comes at a premium price, if you have a desk in the office where everyone  needs to see your impressive mouse then you need one of these.

Back in August, we showed you the 10 best wireless computer mice on the market. The majority of them were priced around or under $100, since we thought, Who wants to drop more than that on a mouse? If those were all to plebeian for your tastes, check out the Intelligent Design Titanium Mouse

Intelligent Design Titanium Mouse: For Those With Money to Blow

Priced at $520, it’s not for the shallow-pocketed. Intelligent Design describes the mouse as “perfection at your fingertips.” For the five bills its asking to take one home, you get a wireless Bluetooth mouse made from grade one titanium, high quality plastic resin, and a scroll wheel made out of neodymium. It all sounds very exotic and expensive. 

It looks the part, all sleek and smooth. But the real test of a mouse is how it feels in hand, and since it’s only available in European stores (though you can order it from the Intelligent Design site), you’re taking an expensive leap of faith. 

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