Guinness World Records 2013 Goes Augmented Reality

Editors Note – augmented reality will be a big thing in the next few years, the guiness book of records are the first to really push the technology, with the help of your android phone or iphone you can enjoy the records in full 3D.

When I was a kid, comic books cost a quarter, Atari made video game consoles and personal computers — not just software — and the Guinness Book of World Records was a thick paperback book with a bunch of black and white photos of people with gross, three-foot long fingernails. A copy of the 2013 edition showed up earlier this week, proving that it’s not just technology that’s changed over those years. Even a large, hardcover book can be updated to make trivia more interesting and incorporate your iOS or Android device to make those paper pages seem a little less static. Don’t worry, not everything has changed — the fingernails are still there (pages 74-75). Continue reading