Sennheiser Momentum

Editors Note – the momentum headset is a wonderful piece of engineering, you can’t fault Sennheiser’s creative work, if you can afford them you should go and get a pair. 

  • Pros

    Excellent audio performance, with no distortion at top volumes. Beautifully designed and extremely comfortable. Built-in iPhone controls and mic. Removable cable. Extra, iPhone controls-free cable is included. Continue reading

Ask One of the World’s Top Headphone Engineers Whatever You Want [Q&A]

Editors Note – Sennheiser have always been off my radar when it comes to headsets, there is no reason for it, just that when i’ve had a need for a new headset Sennheiser have not been at the top of my list. But reading this inverview with the Senior Acoustic Engineer as made me think that it i should have a look wheni’m next in he market to buy. Continue reading