Phoning It In: Can your Headset Pronounce Regarding Your Choice

As of late, it appears everybody walking the streets paying attention to music on their headphones, what melody? We do not recognize. We presume we know. Is the punk rocker at the back of the bus secretly jamming to Britney Spears? Or could the tracksuit-bottomed, highlight-headed girl looking forward to her mates actually moshing out with Black Flag? The pinstripe power suit on the train might be an enormous Public Enemy fan or the area ASBO could be a jazz fan using a fondness for Coltrane’s sax playing. Continue reading

What is probably the most resistant headphone product in the market?

When I got my first album player, there is nothing I liked better than to take the twin sound system, place them on either side of a pillow and rest in between them, blasting my head with a incessant sonic assault of whatever rock n roll masterpiece I could find inside the junk shop that week. Heaven.


Designed along with your computer in mind, these spiffy new earphones can re-create my experiences (albeit just about as perfectly) for the digital era. Comfortable, highly effective and taking advantage of a sleek and sexy design job that’s curvier than Catwoman eating a curly wurly, these headphone have gotten it all. Continue reading