SleepPhones – Headphones You Can Sleep With

Latest news -Research has shown that listening to sound for forty five minutes before sleeping can allow you to have a proper nights sleep, but waking up in the am with a set of earphones in isn’t the nicest feeling in the world, so a pair of sleepPhones has been inverted….


Have you tried to sleep with headphones to drown out noise? Maybe a snoring husband or roommate, a noisy dorm, or are you just a light sleeper? It is very uncomfortable, if not impossible to sleep with traditional headphones, or even ear buds. However, the days of sleepless nights due to noise are now over. SleepPhones, pajamas for your ears, are soft comfortable headphones that you can comfortably sleep with.


SleepPhones, a wicking fleece headband, contain thin removable speakers, and plugs into most audio devices. The headband is extremely comfortable. I recently wore it for an entire plane ride and it felt just like wearing a lightweight headband. Nothing sticking in my ears and nothing heavy weighing me down. My son has slept full nights with SleepPhones and loves them. He will be taking them back to college with him in the fall. And, since the speakers and plugs are removable, the headband can easily be washed and dried.


You can plug your SleepPhones into a CD players, iPod or MP3 player. If music doesn’t help you sleep, try meditation, hypnosis, audiobooks, ocean waves or white noise.  If you need to sleep in complete dark, wear the headphones around your eyes and they double as a sleep mask. Check out the SleepPhones Product Catalog for the different color SleepPhones, accessories and systems that will help you get a good night’s sleep.


Full Disclosure: I did receive a free pair of SleepPhones to review.