iPhone + Earphone = Awesometopia!

Think of while science fiction authors theorized that a super computer would be entire-room, as well as house sized? No, me neither, but I’m advised they did.


The point is that giant things tend to return in small parcels, and none more so than the new iphone headphones. These little beauties can carry roughly as much noise detail as a much superior system, but at something like one-fiftieth the dimension. Now that’s development! Continue reading

Motorola dp3400 Review

We are grateful to be able to review the Motorola DP3400 2 way radio, this has been on the market for a while, but over the last few years you would have seen this radio used in many shopping centres, office buildings and venues across the UK.


There’s quite a lot that makes the DP 3400 more than just another two-way radio. For a start, the DP3400 employs a single-site trunking solution that can allow over a thousand users to share information, and even data, with each other, without adding new frequencies.

The DP 3400 also comes complete with an emergency button, this button, when pushed, automatically alerts the supervisor (or dispatcher) to any possible trouble without the user having to speak even a single word. Such a safety feature works in tandem with the DP 3400’s ‘Emergency Signalling’ capability, a function that will send an emergency signal to a pre-determined person or group.

The DP 3400 is capable of signal migration for both analogue and digital signals; it easily (and handily) combines traditional radio technology with cutting edge digital methods.

The radio comes in both UHF (4w) and VHF (5w).

This model also comes with a cradle that charges your battery for you, it is an excellent charger, representing an efficient design and complete user-friendliness.


This is a neat little gizmo, but Motorola know that. The price of £350 might seem a little steep at first, but if its professional quality you’re after, then you should be prepared to pay a professional price.


Despite having a decidedly utilitarian feel overall, the outer design actually benefits from a softer, ‘sanded down’ finish. With smoother edges and a more contemporary feel, this two-way radio doesn’t seem as Spartan as a more military or security-centric model might. It provides all the same functions, but the end result is a little bit more aesthetically pleasing and somehow more reassuring. In short, this model will be better for business.

The brightly lit buttons are also very useful if you’re using the radio at night. It’s a Tricolour LED, so the lights appear modern and pleasing.

This is a very tough little device, with a sturdy outer casing and what appears to be shock proofing all the way around. The body of this radio is so well sealed that not even a particle of dust or grit can penetrate it. It can even be fully submerged in water for 30 minutes without succumbing to permanent damage.

The belt clip is sturdy and holds the radio to your belt so well, that you never fear it will fall off. You also get a dust cover, which protects the open accessory port in the event that you aren’t using any accessories. This is a welcome feature that is always nice to see. The addition of programmable side buttons is also a very welcome feature of the DP 3400.

The DP 3400 also benefits greatly from a very long battery life, which is ideal for outdoor work.


This is a marvellous radio. It is suitable for any number of events/functions. The sound comes through clearly, the large microphone/speaker setup allows for ease of use and the entire package is exceptionally well made. The DP 3400 is smart, user friendly and very high quality.

The only knock I’d give it is that the battery, although excellently designed, is somewhat heavy. That’s it.

However, I still think that the aforementioned episode of ‘Spaced’ would have gone a lot more smoothly if they’d invested in a couple of these little beauties.


Monitoring supply needs on a manufacturing line or reporting an incident on a construction site, how do you keep employees connected and safe? MOTOTRBO digital radio solutions can help by putting the power of digital communications within reach.

Motorola DP2400 Two Way Radio

Equip your team with the world’s most scalable digital radio solution. The DP2400 offers best-in-class audio in a scalable solution to your demanding communication needs. Intelligent Audio and voice announcement features enable easy communication in difficult work environments. Also, it’s analogue interoperable, enabling you to make the transition to digital at your own pace, all at a value that stands up to the competition. Continue reading

what’s the best earpiece for apple iphone

We’ve all been there, the train’s zooming past, the kid at the back of you is kicking the seat, even the frustrating old woman together with her “excuse me, young man, you have run over my foot!” when you’re TRYING TO USE YOUR iPHONE!! What is wrong with these people? Can not they SEE You are  USING YOUR iPHONE?


Either that or we’ve all been here; you’re trying to catch a train, kick the seat in front of you and blame it on some child, or some scallywag runs over your foot because he is too busy on his iPhone. At any time you’ve ever been in any of these iPhone-related situations (and let’s face it, who has not?) then you evidently need an iPhone earpiece/iPhone headset. No, don’t argue, you do. Continue reading

Motorola Solutions Launches First Image Management System for TETRA Digital Radios to Enhance Day-to-Day Policing

Latest Press Release from the motorola media centre – with the arrival of that SL4000, motorola’s venture to shut the gap between the mobile phone and the 2 way radio, they’ve moved their attention in the direction of the MTP range and made the MTP6750 which has a five megapixel camera, for officers and emergency services that need to capture imperative information while they are working, read the full press release below.

  Continue reading

2-way Radio Earpieces: what you probably didn’t know!

A two way radio Earpiece gives you more covert and sheltered comms for the two way radio, but chances are you’ll be confused with the word earpiece. It’s used in a number of guises, the most popular would be the cell phone earpiece, use for most of the major suppliers and might have Bluetooth connectivity.


The Radio earpiece is primarily employed by those that work with walkie talkies, the safe and covert comms which are demanded by doorman, event worker and security personnel to accomplish their work adequately. Continue reading

Sepura Plc : Sepura to showcase full critical comms solution at IWCE 2013


Latest news – Everyone knows Sepura, one of the primary makers of tetra two way radio, and they are celebrating a triumphant year having a visit to the International Wireless Communications Expo 2013. Selling their millionth 2 way radio for this year the whole team can pat themselves on the back and enjoy the expo. Sepuras’ worldwide reputation has grown exponentially in 2012 and sepura shall be looking to improve on that.

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What is the very best wireless headset for pc and ps3?

“Good music” said conductor Thomas Beecham in 1950 “is that which penetrates the ear with facility and quits the memory with difficulty.” It is the part regarding the ear that today’s audiophiles will most eagerly gravitate to. We are taking Mr. Beecham out of context somewhat, but the fact remains that we must properly listen to music to be able to actually love it.


Headphone technology has come a long way since the days of the Walkman (remember them?) and even further since the appearance of 8-track. Whilst it could be argued that music itself has tumbled right into a descending spiral of mindless repetition and vacuous exercises in empty ‘cool’, it can’t be disregarded that the facilities for paying attention to music on the go have improved an amazing deal. Continue reading

Solar flare drowns out radio communications on Earth


Latest news – Every 200 years we receive a blast of solar energy from the sun, obviously the last wave 200 or so in the past did not take any electromagnet or comms out, because there wasn’t any to speak of. So the authorities as well as governments are getting a bit anxious in regards to the wave that is likely to hit us in the following few months, the sun flare seen on the 2nd of February is just the start of an active phase for the sun. Continue reading

What is probably the most resistant headphone product in the market?

When I got my first album player, there is nothing I liked better than to take the twin sound system, place them on either side of a pillow and rest in between them, blasting my head with a incessant sonic assault of whatever rock n roll masterpiece I could find inside the junk shop that week. Heaven.


Designed along with your computer in mind, these spiffy new earphones can re-create my experiences (albeit just about as perfectly) for the digital era. Comfortable, highly effective and taking advantage of a sleek and sexy design job that’s curvier than Catwoman eating a curly wurly, these headphone have gotten it all. Continue reading