Logitech Introduces Mice And Touchpad for Windows 8

Editors note – The apple Magic Mouse created a storm when apple released it into the wild, Logitech are hoping to do the same with the touchpad, we’ll wait and see if it can take the mantle off the mighty mouse.

As Microsoft prepares to release their PC/Tablet OS Mashup in a few weeks, one accessories company is preparing for what could be an onslaught of Windows users who suddenly need to know how to use touch gestures with their operating system.

Enter the Touch Mouse T620, Zone Touch Mouse T400 and Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad T650, the latest touch-based peripherals from popular third-party accessory maker Logitech.

Each of these peripheral devices is meant to bring the ease-of-use and functionality of touch-based gestures to new Windows 8 users. The latter 2 devices — the Touch Mouse 620 and Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad — perform very similarly to Apple’s Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad. The Logitech Zone Touch Mouse, however, eases users into the world of touch, keeping the two traditional buttons on the left and right side of the mouse.

In addition to keeping one foot in the traditional desktop world, the Zone Touch Mouse T400 also features a glass “Touch Zone,” which behaves much like scrolling wheels on other mice. The Touch Zone also brings some system-wide shortcuts to the mouse, such as jumping to the Windows 8 start screen by tapping the top of the glass zone. Pressing the back of the Touch Zone will rotate between all open applications on the desktop. According to Engadget, the Logitech M600 will get a software update, giving it the same Windows 8 shortcuts.

The easiest way to describe the Touch Mouse T620 is to compare it to Apple’s Magic Mouse. While Logitech’s version doesn’t hold a candle to Apple’s in terms of product design, the T620 does feature a 100% touch-enabled top, giving users the ability to gesture their way through Windows 8 while pointing with their mouse. Swiping with one finger up or down, left or right scrolls in the familiar way, while swiping from the right edge brings up the Windows Charms menu. Swiping from the left edge will also rotate through all open apps. Double tapping on the top of the mouse with one finger will throw the users back to the new Windows 8 start screen. For those users who want to return to the familiar Windows world, a two-finger double tap will return the user back to the traditional desktop.

Just as the T620 is nearly identical in functionality to Apple’s Magic Mouse, so, too is the Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad T650 very similar to Apple’s Magic Trackpad. A wide, glass surface, the Touchpad T650 brings a large trackpad experience to desktop Windows 8 users. Like Apple’s product, the T650 can be depressed anywhere to register a mouse click, while clicking on either side of the Touchpad can register as either left or right clicks, respectively.

While these accessories will likely be welcome additions to Windows 8 early adopters, they also highlight one of the more controversial changes in Windows 8: The ability to run both the new and the traditional style desktops at once.

The shortcuts built into the two mice could be potentially frustrating to users who make a simple mistake, causing them to get lost in their own toaster-refrigerator experience. Potentially frustrating shortcuts aside, the fact that a third-party accessory maker felt the need to make jumping between the two experiences easier suggests that perhaps this decision by Microsoft might not have been in the best interest of users.

Microsoft Windows 8 will be released into the world on October 26th, and each of these accessories are said to be available now, if not very soon.

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