Ice hockey coach should be coaching basketball with a throw like that!

Update – The rumor goes that a ice hockey assistant manager from canada was developing problems with his earpiece, so he decided to take the earpiece out of his ear a chuck it across his shoulder, across the glass barricades that keeps people away out of the action, amazingly the earpiece lands in someones beer. Other versions of this tale have circled the web that it was something else, but he is clearly seen taking the earpiece out and something flies across his shoulder into the crowd. we will let you make your mind up if it in fact is his earpiece or something else.


A bit of technical difficulties might’ve led to one of the most incredible no-look shots ever seen in sports during Monday night’s matchup between the Boston Bruins and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Bruins assistant coach Geoff Ward looked to be having troubles with an earpiece when he decided to jettison something up and over the glass with a no-look toss.

As you can see, the earpiece—or whatever it was—sails over the boards and appears to land perfectly in a fan’s drink, who looks down at the item in surprise.

Further investigation of the video appears to provide a bit of controversy— some believeWard Drano’d the shot, others think it was an optical illusion and the projectile missed the beer and fell to the floor.

These “beerpiece” truthers believe that the angle of the camera shot only makes the item appear to drop into the fan’s cup and insist that Ward missed by a narrow margin.

The fan does appear to look past the cup at the ground on the video replay, but I’m not a forensic scientist. Therefore, I am unqualified to comment.

Personally, I think the shot was straight onions, but then again, as an optimist, I always consider my glass half-full of electronic communication devices.

Either way, the only way this clip gets any more awesome would be if Dwight Howard was standing off-camera yelling “Buckets!!”

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