Fox releases a second screen app for Ridley Scott’s scary sci-fi movie.

Editors Note – When we received our copy of Prometheus in the post yesterday we immediately went to our ipad and iphones to download the app, app-solutly amazing, when we sync the bluray player (or in our case the PS3) and the ipad the film is paused while the ipad plays an ‘extra’ part of the film or a behind the scenes segment, we hope this takes off and will be the norm for all top bluray’s.

Is it an Alien prequel or isn’t it? Does it have gaping plot holes or are they subtleties in storyline that mere citizens aren’t capable of understanding yet?

Either way, Prometheus is due a second viewing, and the release today on Blu-ray and DVD brings with it a second screen app.

The app is available on iOS and Android and provides fans with a behind-the-scenes look at Prometheus, including storyboards, screen-tests, concept art and a bunch of other stuff.

It really comes into its own when synced with the Prometheus Blu-ray disc and a connected BD-Live Player.  Relevant information will appear as the film plats and items can be flicked to the TV screen for a closer look.

If your remote is knackered, it’s got one of those built in too, which is kind of cool.

The Prometheus second screen app is available on iOS and Android.

Original source – Mobile Entertainment