Guinness World Records 2013 Goes Augmented Reality

Editors Note – augmented reality will be a big thing in the next few years, the guiness book of records are the first to really push the technology, with the help of your android phone or iphone you can enjoy the records in full 3D.

When I was a kid, comic books cost a quarter, Atari made video game consoles and personal computers — not just software — and the Guinness Book of World Records was a thick paperback book with a bunch of black and white photos of people with gross, three-foot long fingernails. A copy of the 2013 edition showed up earlier this week, proving that it’s not just technology that’s changed over those years. Even a large, hardcover book can be updated to make trivia more interesting and incorporate your iOS or Android device to make those paper pages seem a little less static. Don’t worry, not everything has changed — the fingernails are still there (pages 74-75). Continue reading

The beautiful Intelligent Design Titanium Mouse, for those with long pockets!

Editors Note – This stunning mouse comes at a premium price, if you have a desk in the office where everyone  needs to see your impressive mouse then you need one of these.

Back in August, we showed you the 10 best wireless computer mice on the market. The majority of them were priced around or under $100, since we thought, Who wants to drop more than that on a mouse? If those were all to plebeian for your tastes, check out the Intelligent Design Titanium MouseContinue reading

Sennheiser Momentum

Editors Note – the momentum headset is a wonderful piece of engineering, you can’t fault Sennheiser’s creative work, if you can afford them you should go and get a pair. 

  • Pros

    Excellent audio performance, with no distortion at top volumes. Beautifully designed and extremely comfortable. Built-in iPhone controls and mic. Removable cable. Extra, iPhone controls-free cable is included. Continue reading

BMW-designed Level 10 M gaming mouse launches

Editors Note – BMW are well known for flash, executive cars. They have added another product to their portfolio, a joint venture with designworksUSA, the mouse has BMW’s typical cutting edge design and executive feel.

First unveiled at the beginning of 2012, the rather unique looking Level 10 Mouse developed in conjunction by Thermaltake and BMW Group subsidiary DesignworksUSA is now finally hitting store shelves. Continue reading

Microsoft Surface RT Review: This Is Technological Heartbreak

Editors note – With the inpending release of the windows 8 tablet (microsoft surface) there are a world of reviews out there, this is the most acurate review we could find.

Surface was the single biggest genuine tech surprise of the year so far. Microsoft tantalized us with a tablet that made the iPad look stale. Its snap-on keyboard made all laptops look immediately old fashioned. And it promised The Future of Computers. Continue reading

Rhapsody finds its way to yet more devices, in the form of LG, Panasonic and Samsung Smart TVs

Editors Note – As smart TV’s get more and more popular so will the on-demand services available, currently in the UK we have BBC, ITV, 4OD and netflix that work on our phones, tablets, PC’s and smart TV’s. We will see a lot of diversity in the coming years take for example Rhapsody, the music streaming service on LG, Samsung and Panasonic are the first to partner with this service. Continue reading

Tips for owning an iPhone 5 without breaking the bank

Editors note – advice columns were the staple of the weekly magazine, people write in, the agony aunt answers, and everyone is happy. What would most agony aunts make of this letter? 

Adding new smartphones to the family’s wireless plan can be a scary endeavor, especially as most of us have already seen our wireless bills for just one smartphone surge above $100 a month.

Are there any tips for getting hot devices like the iPhone 5 at a discount? Is there a trick to avoiding taking out a second mortgage to pay for an additional smartphone on the family plan? In this edition of Ask Maggie, I offer some advice. I also offer my views on whether it’s really worth it to buy the iPhone 4S instead of the iPhone 5. Continue reading

Sorry kids, Christmas is cancelled. Too many new gadgets to buy

Editors Note – This Christmas will be the making of the tablet, with the prices hitting an affordable level and the selection of tablets that are already released and are promised to be coming to us, we are spoilt for choice. It says something when my retired mother is also looking to get one! it just shows there is a tablet for everyone.

jk-tablets-600x262 (300x131) Continue reading

10rate Announces Editors Choice Over-the-Ear Speakers/Mic Made for Gamers

Editor Note – As the games season starts and all the top titles start getting released it is important to known what headset is best to experience the best games, we give you the top 10 headsets as compiled bt 10rate.

Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) August 31, 2012

Parrot Zikmu Solo reaches US in November, makes a tower of wireless sound yours for $999


Editors Note – Parrot, famous for in-car handfree kits have followed on the handsfree route and produced a wireless speaker tower, out next month, it can connect to your phone, bluetooth ipod/mp3 player, TV, Bluray or DVD player and anything else that likes to use bluetooth Continue reading